Welcome to the weather station of
Aplica Advanced Solutions GmbH !

This site shall show the usage and possibilities of our GreenNode concept.

GreenNodes are decentral measurement stations which capture any kind of sensorical data, store them locally and / or transfer them into the cloud. This example demonstrates such GreenNode which is setup as weather station and showing its's data in realtime

This project was raised with friendly support of FFG.

Date: 17.02.2020 08:18:03
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Aplica Advanced Solutions GmbH
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Current weather condition:

Air temperature:  °C
Air pressure:  mBar
Air humidity:  %
Wind:  km/h
Wind direction  
Rain intensity:  mm/h
Hail intensity:  hits/h

Operating parameters:

Supply voltage:  V
Solar voltage: V
Temperature inside enclosure:  °C
Temperature inside data logger:  °C
Heating temperature: °C
Current consumption: W
Power consumption: W